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About Leap Machinery

12 years of continuous research and innovation, focus on being a customer satisfaction Automation Machinery


Changzhou Leap Machinery & Equipment Co. Ltd. specializes in the research, development, production and sales of complete sets of industrial automation machinery & equipment. The head office covers an area of 6,195 square meters, with a workshop area of 3,500 square meters. Leap machinery has the advanced technology and equipment. We have 52 (sets) of various production and processing equipment, capable of completing conventional metal processing processes such as turning, milling, planing, boring, inserting, drilling, reaming, grinding and polishing, as well as sheet metal processing processes such as laser cutting, flame cutting, plasma cutting, punching, cutting, stamping, bending, stretching, roll forming and various welding processes.


Workshop area

Production equipment

Leap Machinery Strength

Changzhou Leap Machinery & Equipment Co. Ltd has a total of 32 professional product R & D and design, process and technical personnel, who can timely provide customers with excellent services and comprehensive solutions. Standardized production management, quality management and personnel management provide a good engine for product quality and the stable development of enterprises, and have passed the EU CE safety certification.

A total of 32 product development, design and process technicians.

Through the EU CE safety certification, environmental certification.

Leap Machinery Customers

In the global economic environment, Changzhou Leap Machinery & Equipment Co. Ltd will keep up with the trend of the times with a new look of an international enterprise, and wholeheartedly provide customers with better products and value-added services. The products are exported to the United States, Russia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, South America, South Korea and other countries and regions. Looking forward to the future, Changzhou Leap Machinery & Equipment Co. Ltd will continue to take "practical science and technology, honest service" as its purpose, provide customers with a full range of energy-saving and environmental protection products and services, and pursue "all-round excellent performance" with full enthusiasm and new attitude.


Corporate positioning

Taking Science And Technology As The Foundation, Survival By Quality, Service As Life And Reputation As Development

Peace of mind,

Outstanding talent,
united team

Strict system,
comfortable environment

An international standard,
a world model

Company style

The lovely people of Leap Machinery!
Hard work, courageous struggle, never give in
We are a passionate team
We are a team with responsibility
The lovely people of Leap Machinery!

Since its establishment, Changzhou Leap Machinery & Equipment Co. Ltd has been providing solutions to customers based on the principle of "people-oriented, quality first".

With the concerted efforts of all our colleagues, we have created brilliance and value and won praise and trust.

Hard work, courageous struggle, never give in

After years of development, Changzhou Leap Machinery & Equipment Co. Ltd. has grown from a penniless company, mostly made by hand, with annual sales revenue of only a few million, to a company with mechanized production, process management, and annual sales revenue of tens of millions. It is amazing! The rapid development of Leap Machinery is astonishing, and our peers have followed suit and come to visit us to learn from us! Since the establishment of the company in 2007, we have gained much more than that, we have also gained a superior cultural system, a perfect management system, and more importantly, a highly cohesive team of talented people who are able to fight and win in battle.

We are a passionate team

We are a passionate team, anxious to meet the needs of our customers and never give up; we are a highly professional

We are a highly professional team, and in practice, constantly exercise, enhance; we are a dream team, for the future hard work, struggle; we are a friendly team, we help each other, trust; we will be - a successful team, sweat and hard work, will support our bright tomorrow!

"We believe in ourselves and in our team. We believe in ourselves and we believe in our team. In the wide world of Leap Machinery, we run, gallop and soar! This is our time, we are young!

We are a team with responsibility

We are a team with responsibility, we are anxious to help our customers and take their affairs as our own; we are a highly professional team, we are constantly exercising and improving in practice; we are a team with a dream, we help each other and trust each other to create a better future with our hardworking hands.

Then let us believe firmly in the future

Believe in indefatigable efforts

Believe in the youth of the earth believe in the future and create brilliance!

Leap Machinery will play the spirit of pragmatic excellence, never give in, and cast our brand more perfect, Leap Machinery will fly higher, go farther, Leap Machinery tomorrow will be more brilliant and splendid!